Loyola's Online Records Access (LORA)

Early registration, registration, late registration, and drop/add are conducted through LORA. Actual dates and times are listed on the LORA homepage. By registering through LORA, the student’s registration is automatically confirmed and he or she will be billed accordingly.

Students should note that if they are full-time day students, they can register for day classes. Day students may register for evening classes without the permission of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. We hold some spots for evening students in evening classes, but day students routinely are allowed to register for evening classes. Evening students wishing to enroll in day classes must seek permission from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. 

Disabled students who notify the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs or Law Records will be assisted in their registration by a staff member.

Through LORA, students are also able to view their complete law school academic records and their financial obligations to the university.

Early Registration

Enrolled students may participate in early registration for the subsequent term. Early registration is conducted through LORA beginning in November for the spring and summer terms and April for the fall term. The Office of Law Records registers first-year students in their fall and spring first-year courses. Upper division students wishing to register for first-year courses must contact the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Registration remains open on LORA until the deadline for drop and add designated for each term. Drop and add deadlines are listed on each term’s academic calendar.

If a student decides not to return to the university in the semester for which he or she early registered, the student must officially withdraw before the semester begins. (See Withdrawal from the University.) Students with financial obligations to the university are subject to having their early registration cancelled according to the promissory note signed with the Office of Student Finance. Failure to have this hold removed will result in the cancellation of the early registration schedule. Students with a health hold due to remaining immunizations will not be allowed to register early.

Drop/Add Period

Because of external and internal reportings on enrollments, deadlines for drop/add activity must be strictly enforced. A dropped course is removed from the student’s record.

Registration for the audit grading option may be selected by students during any registration activity or the drop/add period and may not be changed at a later date. 


Students who do not want to earn university credit for a course may elect to audit the course. Such courses are considered part of the student's term course load and are recorded on the transcript. Regular tuition and fees apply for audited courses. To audit a course, a student should request permission to audit from the professor. The professor must contact the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs to request the student be added to the course as an auditor. The instructor of the course will advise the student what is expected as an auditor in the class. A course previously audited may be taken for credit by enrolling in the course in a subsequent term. A student may not change his or her status from audit to credit or from credit to audit without permission from the professor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Upon completion of the semester, the audited course will receive a final grade of (AU) Audit, (AI) Audit Incomplete, or (FA) Failed Audit.

Withdrawal From Courses

Prior to the deadline for withdrawal stated in the academic calendar, students may receive an administrative withdrawal from a course. Students receive a W in the course(s).

After this administrative withdrawal period, students may petition their instructors no later than two weeks before the last class day. Based on the student’s petition, a faculty member may award a W* or require the student to complete the course. Failure to obtain an administrative withdrawal or to petition the instructor may result in the grade of AF. The decision of the faculty member is recorded on the final grade roster.

Permission to drop Legal Research (LAW L898) or Independent Study (LAW L899) shall require prior written permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

First-year students ordinarily are not permitted to drop courses.

Previous publication incorrectly indicated a grade award of "UW." This has been updated as of 10/17/2017. 

Withdrawal From The University

A student who withdraws from the university during a term before taking the final examinations for the term forfeits all credit work done in that term.
To withdraw officially from the university a student must:

  1. Obtain a withdrawal form from the Office of Law Records, in the College of Law.
  2. Meet with and obtain the signature of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 
  3. Students should consult the College of Law academic calendar for the tuition refund schedule. Those students who withdraw officially from the university on or before the last day for dropping courses as recorded in the academic calendar will have the courses removed from their records. Students withdrawing from the university after the drop period but in the withdrawal period will receive Ws. After the withdrawal period, a grade is assigned by the instructor. Students who have not completed at least two terms at the time of withdrawal must complete the degree requirements in effect at the time of their re-entry.

Medical Withdrawal

If a student is unable to complete the coursework or other course of study for a semester due to medical and/or mental health reasons, the student may request a medical withdrawal from the University. Medical withdrawal requests must be supported by appropriate documentation from a licensed care provider, submitted to the Director for Counseling and Health Services and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Provost. Any student receiving a medical withdrawal during the term may be required to remain out of class the succeeding term. This decision will be based on seriousness of illness and time of withdrawal. There are no partial medical withdrawals for a term. The institutional refund policy applies. Medical withdrawals must be made within the term being requested (during illness) unless the student was unable to withdraw. For example, students who were hospitalized or were seriously debilitated by mental illness may be unable to withdraw during the semester in which they are enrolled. Detailed written documentation must be submitted by a licensed care provider to the Director for Counseling & Health Services and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Provost. The request for a medical withdrawal must be submitted once the student is able, but no later than three months after the student is able to make the request. Students who have not been enrolled at the University for a period of two semesters or more must re-enroll and follow the degree requirements in effect at the time of their reentry.

Leave of Absence

Students enrolled in a term may apply to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for a leave of absence for either the next term or the next academic year. Application requires the completion of a leave of absence form available in the Law Records Office. Students returning from a leave of absence are subject to the policies of the bulletin under which they were originally admitted. A leave of absence is not granted to a student transferring to another school.