Loyola University New Orleans follows academic regulations and policies that adhere to principles of good educational practice. The following regulations apply to both undergraduate and graduate students, whether enrolled in on-campus or online programs. (Students in the College of Law are governed by regulations itemized in the Law Bulletin.) These academic regulations and policies are grouped by topic in the following sections:

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at University course descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog

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Academic Credit & Placement

These regulations govern academic credit received through Advance Placement or examination, academic credit transferred to Loyola from another institution, or student placement in courses through exam scores. Topics covered:

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Academic Honesty & Plagiarism

These regulations make up the Academic Honor Code for undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola. This includes definitions of academic dishonesty such as plagiarism, and the processes determining findings of academic dishonesty and governing appeals. Includes the following topics: 

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Admissions | Graduate 

The policies and requirements described on the Graduate Admissions page relate to Graduate admissions only. Admissions policies and requirements for specific Graduate programs can be found in the Graduate Bulletin and the policies and requirements for College of Law programs can be found in the Law Bulletin.

Topics covered in the Graduate section include: 

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Admissions | Undergraduate 

The policies and requirements described on the Undergraduate Admissions page relate to undergraduate admissions only. 

Topics covered in the Undergraduate section include: 

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Enrollment & Registration

These regulations govern types of enrollment at Loyola beyond the admissions process. This includes procedures for initiating actions such as (but not limited to) auditing a course, changing majors, applying for a double major, or filing for a leave of absence or medical withdrawal. Veterans certification and military service (active duty) processes can be found in this section. Additionally, these regulations describe processes involving classroom discipline and academic dismissal from the university. The following topics are covered: 

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Financial Aid  

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid provides information for and administers all aid programs on campus. Application portals, eligibility criteria, information on types of aid, forms and frequently asked questions can be found on the office website.

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Financial Regulations, Tuition, & Fees 

All regular students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis.

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Grades & Grade Point Averages  

Grading regulations cover Loyola’s grading policy, including grade-point-average (GPA) calculations used to determine both distinctions to recognize excellence and penalties for students who do not maintain appropriate grades. Grade appeals and academic grievance procedures can be found in this section. The following topics are covered: 

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Loyola policies involving eligibility for graduation for undergraduate and graduate students are covered in this section: 

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Privacy, Student Records & Student Rights

Loyola regulations and practices to ensure information security and accuracy of student academic records. Topics covered in this section include: 

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Support Services & Facilities

The University Bulletin serves as an annual record of academic program requirements and regulations. Beyond that specific academic regulatory scope are the support services, facilities, and regulations that encompass all the other aspects of life in a university community. 

Additional regulatory scope for student and university community life is maintained through several of the offices listed below. The following directory is presented to provide a connection to those resources. 

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